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What We Can’t Help With

Unfortunately, the following are currently outside of our area of expertise. But, we’d be happy to refer you to an attorney who can help with these things if you give us a call at 603-722-0432!

Estate Planning

  • Plans for people who are dual or non-US citizens.
  • Plans for people who are not New Hampshire residents.
  • Planning for your own special needs or Medicaid eligibility, or your spouse’s special needs or Medicaid eligibility. (But, we can help with planning for your children’s special needs!)
  • Protecting your assets from your own creditors or from your spouse’s creditors. (But, we can help with protecting assets from your children’s creditors!)
  • Planning for people who expect to have assets that total $5 million or more.

Probate Help

  • Probate help for a person who was a dual or non-US citizen when they passed away.
  • Probate help for a person who was not a New Hampshire resident when they passed away.
  • Help with a challenge to the validity or contents of a Will or Trust.
  • Help with probate for a person who was the sole owner of a business that is organized or incorporated in a state other than New Hampshire when they passed away.

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